Jackie Chan And Michelle Yeoh Soar In Supercop 2 Disc Ultimate Edition By Reg Seeton

Fast, innovative and fun, Supercop (Story 3 Police alias) takes two legends at best, in a film that will never equal (LoveHKFilm. Risking life and limb, Yeoh and Chan perform their incredible feats, dangling from a helicopter soaring, jumping on cars careening, and delivering low-beat on the roof of a speeding train. Com). . Once-in-a-life one-two punch, as the team that risk-taking and a policeman strait-laced but beautiful federal agent, working together in taking down a drug ring. Martial Arts Jackie Chan icons (The Forbidden Kingdom) and Michelle Yeoh (The Mummy) are by far their peak in this free, action-packed adventure.

15.5.09 10:13


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